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Water is the most important source of life that keeps the body healthy and fit. Although it is the most important substance for the functioning of the circulatory system and digestive system, it is the main element that ensures the removal of waste and toxic substances in the body from the body.

The Place of Water in Our Lives

Having the necessary qualifications and consumed in sufficient quantities, water is important at every stage of our lives. We can list the main effects as follows;

- It helps to remove toxins accumulated in the body.

It ensures the regular functioning of the metabolism.

It plays a role in the transport of nutrients and oxygen to our cells.

-Protects our joints.

-It makes the skin young, smooth and healthy.

It is a very important factor in reducing kidney stones.

It is important in the prevention of constipation.

-It is very important to lose weight. Because water provides a feeling of satiety.

Vazgeçilmez besin kaynağı

Lack of water: It brings along many ailments such as body fatigue, regression of mental functions, insufficient functioning of the kidneys, formation of stones and sand in the kidneys. How to Tell if Enough Water Is Drinked? In other words, if the urine color is dark yellow, it means that you are not drinking enough water. Sufficient

The urine of those who drink large amounts of water is not dark yellow but clear and transparent.

Günlük ne kadar su tüketilmeli

Ideal Daily Water Consumption

  • It should be drunk as 1 liter per 30 kilograms.

  • After oral hygiene (gargle) in the morning, 2 glasses should be drunk on an empty stomach (It is very important for the digestive system)

  • It should be taken 20 minutes before and 2 hours after the meal, not with the meal.

Considerations for Water Consumption!

  • Do not drink still water that has been kept for a long time.

  • Drink in a glass bottle or glass

  • It should be drunk in pieces, not all at once.

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