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Cup Massage

Kupa Masajı

It has been used extensively throughout the world for more than five thousand years, in the folk remedies of many cultures. Hippocrates (400 BC) wrote detailed articles about Cup Therapy. We can see that Cupping Therapy is mentioned in the Eber Papyrus (1550 BC), the oldest known medical texts in history. In the middle of the 18th century, European and American doctors and surgeons were using Cupping Therapy in the treatment of many diseases.

​ It is a treatment method based on cupping certain points of the body or almost anywhere in case of need, in order to maintain health or to get rid of diseases. In fact, it is called the invention of the grandmother, and it is the cup holder.

As a result of improper use of the spine, intense work tempo, stress, accident, being in the cold, blood circulation in that area is blocked. Lactic acid and pain-causing toxins accumulate but cannot be eliminated from the body. Muscle relaxants and pomades cannot reach the problem area due to stagnant blood circulation caused by spasm. Cupping therapy has an unmatched effect, freeing you from this bodily burden and bondage. Cupping therapy is a basic healing system that shows the effect of 5 massage sessions in a single session.

In order to get rid of the disease or to protect health, the treatment is applied by taking the dirty blood from the congestion, capillary or thin veins at certain points where waste materials are collected intensively. Cupping therapy is used to cure hemophilia, blood diseases such as hypertension, and rheumatic ailments including arthritis.

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