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Acupuncture and Migraine

Migren tedavisi

A study on Acupuncture and Migraine in Italy

Considering the frequency of headache, it is a big problem that concerns the society. Despite great pharmacological advances, many patients do not achieve optimal pain control and suffer from side effects. As a result, the trend towards alternative treatments has increased in the last 20 years. In fact, it was observed that 12% of the patients who came to the neurology outpatient clinic in Italy with the complaint of migraine-type headache had acupuncture before they came, and 73% were willing to have it done.

In the study, it was shown that acupuncture has less side effects when compared to the drugs actively used in the treatment of migraine, and the patient continues his life without pain for a long time. In fact, although some studies have shown that it prevents headache, sufficient data has not been collected yet.

Akupunktur ile migren tedavisi

As a result of the article: It has been shown that acupuncture relieves migraine pain, has fewer side effects than pharmacological methods, and is effective in migraine prophylaxis.

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