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Leech and Varicose Veins


In a study conducted in India, it was shown that medical leech therapy helps in venous congestion, edema resorption, skin discoloration (Hyperpigmentation) and varicose ulcers. Leech therapy was applied around the ulcers in 20 patients with complicated and ulcerated varicose veins. As a result of the treatment, it was observed that all ulcers healed. There was also a significant reduction in edema and a reduction in color change.

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Another study conducted after this study included a study of 137 patients with varicose veins in their legs. In order to see the effect of leech therapy, these patients were divided into 2 groups: those receiving leech therapy and those receiving drug therapy. In the first group of 81 people, 4-6 leeches were applied to the varicose areas and 1-2 leeches were applied to the sacrum region.

Routine complete blood count and blood coagulation tests were performed on the patients before and after the treatment. In addition, vascular imaging was compared with the rheovasography method before and after the treatment.

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At the end of the treatment, 66.6% of the patients who received leech therapy had a decrease in pain levels, a decrease in the feeling of tension in the leg, and a decrease in swelling and stiffness. Similar effects were seen in 44.6% of patients receiving drug therapy. As a result of functional tests, vascular tone, regional blood flow and elasticity of blood vessels in patients receiving leech therapy

improvement has been observed. In vascular imaging, it was seen that patients who received leech therapy had better results than those who received drug therapy.

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Although both groups showed reliable changes in coagulation tests as a result of treatment, a more significant decrease was observed in platelet aggregation scores in the group that received leech therapy.

As a result, it has been seen that leech therapy can be used successfully in the treatment of varicose veins.

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