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Dolgu çeşitleri ve uygulaları

Fillers are used to increase the volume of any structure in the body (face, back of the hand, nose, etc.), to fill deep wrinkles and to plump lips.

The permanence of the fillers varies according to the product used, and averages 4-12 months. It is available in fillers containing synthetic material with longer permanence. Before the procedure, anesthetic agent is applied by cream or injection method.

After waiting for a certain time, the skin is cleaned with an antiseptic substance and the application is made by injection method. More than one filler can be used for the same person, depending on the depth of the collapsed area.

After the application, a light massage and ice application is made.

In deep collapses, more successful results are obtained when it is repeated within 2 months after the first application.

For reasons that are not fully understood, the permanence of fillers is shorter than expected in some people. Therefore, no guarantee can be given regarding the results of the application.


  1. While coming to the application, please come well rested.

  2. Do not consume alcoholic beverages before the application.

  3. At least three days before; ginko biloba, blood thinners, high-dose vitamin E, green tea, aspirin and

    non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (rheumatic) drugs should be discontinued.




  1. Do not touch the application area

  2. Make-up application should be at least 24 hours later.

  3. Do not massage the application area for at least 1 week.

  4. Take care not to use your mimics in the application area for at least 3 days.

  5. Avoid intense sports for 1 week.

  6. Avoid hot environments such as saunas and jacuzzis for 1 week.

  7. If lip augmentation has been made, do not contact with a hot-cold substance for 2-3 days.

  8. Do not eat or drink anything until the sensation returns (2-3 hours) as the lip filler is anesthetized.

  9. If an unexpected effect develops, please consult your treating physician.

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