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Dermaroller (Micro Needling)

Mikro iğneleme ile cilt hastalıkları tedavisi, daha genç bir cilt

The Dermaroller is a cylindrical instrument with a hand-held handle surrounded by a large number of extremely thin stainless steel needles at its end. Dermaroller therapy is also known by various names such as “mesoroller, microigne therapy or collagen induction therapy”.

Dermaroller opens micro channels (micro wounds) in the dermis located in the second lower layer of the skin and thanks to needling, tiny needle tip sized hemorrhages occur on the skin. The process heals in 1-3 days without leaving a trace.

For the desired effect in the treatment with Dermaroller

Multiple needlings are needed at intervals of 4-6 weeks. It does not cause any epidermal (uppermost layer of the skin) damage and the time loss is minimal. The process is done in an office environment.

With the Dermaroller treatment, it is aimed to open micro channels in the skin (the wound formed by the needle tip) and then to tighten the fine skin lines with wound healing or to reduce the scars on the skin (acne scar, striae, burn scar, etc.).

In addition, the absorption of topical cosmetics and / or growth factors, peptides and stem cells is ensured. After the Dermoroller treatment, the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, which gives volume and fullness to our skin, increases, as a result of which an improvement in the surface, texture and color of the skin is expected.

Dermoroller treatment is painful. Before, the area to be treated is covered with topical anesthetic cream (EMLA 5% cream) and anesthetized for 1 hour and anesthetized.

Multiple sessions are usually required for the effectiveness of Dermoroller treatment. In some cases, it may be better to use it together with other additional treatments (PRP, laser, filler, botox, etc.) for the desired cosmetic improvement.


  1. The face must be clean and without make-up.

  2. Aspirin and blood thinners should not be used


  1. Shower should not be taken on the first day of the application.

  2. After the procedure, no cosmetic or procedure should be applied except for the recommendation of your doctor.

  3. Dermaroller does not cause sun sensitivity, however, it is beneficial to apply sun protection and at least SPF 30+ sunscreen after the application, like any treatment on the skin.

  4. If an unexpected effect develops, please consult your doctor.

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