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Headache and Hijama

Baş ağrısı hacamat ile iyileşebilir

Headache is a condition that is very common in the society and affects the lives of patients in many areas. Cupping therapy is among the alternative treatment methods applied by patients who cannot get rid of these pains with medication.

hacamat doktor kontrolünde yapılmalıdır

A study is being conducted on 70 migraine and tension-type headache patients. After the patients in the study are shown to have this disease medically, hijama is applied in 3 stages. While the application is done with an interval of 2 weeks, only the first session is applied and left in 7 patients. Pain Intensity Scores after the application and after all sessions are over,

Number of Painful Days, Medication for Pain are measured. It was observed that the participants in this study, half of whom were men and half were women, and the mean age was 38.5 years, spent an average of 9.19 years with chronic headache.

As a result: In scores measuring Headache Severity, pain scores decreased from 4.27 to 1.46 out of 6 in a statistically significant way. The Number of Days with Pain in a month decreased from 14.67 days to 2.07 on average. Drug use also decreased from 10.64 to 2.13 on average. By looking at these results, effective results can be obtained in the treatment of headache with hijama.


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